Jade Rabbit has lived on the moon for 4000 years – a bachelor alone.

Two spacecraft from earth land in Jade Rabbit’s backyard simultaneously. A short, fat astronaut emerges from one spacecraft and a tall, skinny astronaut from the other. Each claims the moon for himself. Soon they’re sabotaging each other’s spacecraft and, worse, making a mess of Jade Rabbit’s pristine moon. Rabbit is indignant – How Dare They?! Soon he’s secretly playing one astronaut off against the other. It’s Home Alone on the moon.

BROOOOGHMMMM – a space rock crashes into the moon. A new visitor crawls from the wreckage. It’s a plant. It’s an animal. It’s … female(?) … probably. One chaste kiss from the Alien and Rabbit is smitten. Next thing she’s holding a baby plant(?) and behind her are 356 more baby plants with cottontails like Rabbit’s.

Then the astronauts kidnap a baby! To retrieve her, Jade Rabbit must reveal his existence – a 4000 year old secret. But the astronauts have their own problem. They’ve completely destroyed each other’s spacecraft. Can the astronauts find a way back to earth and their own families? Can Jade Rabbit and Alien save their baby? How can they homeschool 357 babies?